hello + welcome to the fixate.

I write about arts & culture, especially books, music, TV/movies, & sex. I have 3 recurring columns:

  • Songs from College is a series of essays blending music criticism with personal history. (SfC: the zine, a collaborative print version of this project, is coming soon!)

  • Why Did You Do This? is a voicey & antagonistic investigation into the most baldly money-grubbing TV & film projects of the day.

  • Old/New/Offline is a collection of recommendations: 3 old, 3 new, & 3 offline pieces of art or experiences of culture I’m thinking about these days.

I also write whatever I want outside of these columns. Hop in!

A note on reuploads: In April 2023, Substack deleted the fixate 1.0. I’m in the process of reuploading my work dating back to April 2022 and resubscribing the followers I accrued in the meantime. Thanks for your patience!

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Izzy Ampil

writer & cultural critic based in LA